Jacob Jay

Peripatetic British designer, full-stack developer and entrepreneur.
Specialising in web applications and usability.

5 Internationalisation projects

Estate agency SaaS for duHome

Provide a customisable website for estate agencies.


  • Fuzzy-logic search, gradually widening search criteria scope when not enough matching results are found, i.e. for every non-matching input criteria a corresponding potentially acceptable criteria would be used instead such as 1 bathroom instead of 2, with these criteria being colour-coded (match versus near-match).
  • Comprehensive type-ahead search using multiple sources of data (names, telephones, locations, emails, prices), removing need for time consuming paging of adminstrative list views to find relevent records.
  • Use of geohash indexes for high-performance geospatial property search.
  • Use of deferred slideshow loading to improve performance and usability (almost unheard of at the time, most solutions simply advancing to to half-downloaded images on a timer, or attempting to download all upon page load despite potentially not subsequently showing them).


  • Customer-facing functionality including geographic search and display of properties with mapping and slideshow
  • Agent functionalities including search, management of properties
  • Agency-owner functionality including customisation and configuration of website, and management of agents
  • Support for multiple agency locations per site, and agents per-agency
  • Activitiy streams with messaging and notifications for each agency, agent and property
  • Signup for new agencies (clients) with a default name-derived subdomain
  • Automatic geo-location and address completion when adding properties
  • Image upload and optimisation for slideshows
  • Email notifications when agents are not active on site
  • Property owner CRM with agent association
  • Editable print view with QR code for window display
  • Utilisation of Moonstalk's internationsalistion, geospatial data, type-ahead search, and notification features
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Moonstalk for The Moon Mill

Open-source web development framework and hosting stack using Lua.


  • Automated filesystem to URL mapping for sites and applications, with no configuration necessary before use (including web server)
  • Includes a bespoke low-latency NoSQL database which shares the web application environment and functions, whilst also supporting a task queue with seperate processes
  • Internationalisation and localisation including handling for plurals and GeoIP
  • Best-practice handling of script-loading, CDN assets, canonical tags, addressing, salted passwords, microcaching, deployment (via dCVS), etc.
  • Many supplementary applications providing functionality ranging from calendaring to geospatial search


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Works Access Authorisation for DigiPlex

Migrate a paper-based business process management system to the web.


  • Fully integrated system with multiple views (manager, reception, contractor) providing process filing and review mechanisms (with per-report activity log)
  • Document upload facility
  • User registration and authentication
  • Multiple languages",
  • innovations = "Streamlined the original paper-based process by elminating duplicated data, employing cross-referencing and implementing a status based approval process.
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Website for CBX / Sulzer Infra FM / Axima FM

Upgrade of site for service provider.


  • Dynamic content selection with fallbacks for overlapping country/language static content employing dynamic URLs and a metadata store
  • Publishing of short video editorials
  • Visitor survey (bespoke aquisition with off the shelf desktop analysis)
  • Automatic what's new feature using the metadata store


  • Heirachical structure for 100+ pages with multiple regions and languages
  • Press area including image gallery, PDF clippings and video editorials
  • Callback request facility
  • Registration-only articles
  • Video
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Website for Aspect Education

Redevelop consumer site for international education provider.


  • enrollment forms and cost calculator for courses and locations (200+ combinations with 7,000 dates and further options)
  • CMS with multi-region and language capabilities, for page content, plus news and jobs
  • Course finder (narrows choices through a multi-stage questionaire)
  • Co-branded version for affiliates (distinct logo and contact details)
  • Messaged board
2001 — Architecture, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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