Jacob Jay

Peripatetic British designer, full-stack developer and entrepreneur.
Specialising in web applications and usability.

2 Living Space projects

Carcassone apartment for yours-truly

Locate and renovate a property.
Living Space


  • from low-spec 3-bed (one being shotgun) to high-spec two bed ensuite
  • high quality electric fittings with reproduction bakerlite switches and sockets
  • homemade oak kitchen and solid oak flooring, with the new parquet laid at 45°
  • reused non-original panelling along hallway
  • recreated archway to have matching at both sides of kitchen
  • half of the roofing tiles cleaned and relaid; refinished facade with traditional lime
  • new oak street doors; window shutters repaired; collaboratively redecorated staircase


2017 — Interior Design, Real Estate, Living SpaceSummary ↙︎
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Delhi for Moonlighting

Establish a house in Delhi with facilities for both coworking and accommodation.


  • First coworking space in Delhi, and one of first few in India.
  • First open-access space offering both coworking and accommodation for those visiting from further afield.
  • Bespoke furniture constructions including large-span communal tables using wood with internal (hidden) iron dowels


  • Regular community events and meals
  • 8 en-suite bedrooms amd 1 bunkroom (convertible between 4 bunks, or 1 double)
  • Live-in cook and 2 kitchens
  • Cleaning, housekeeping and security staff
  • Mixed-use lobby, lounge and dining space with A/V system
  • Coworking desks (and monitors)
  • Colourful paint and fabrics to enliven the otherwise drab interior


2010 — Space Planning, Community, HospitalitySummary ↙︎
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