Jacob Jay

Peripatetic British designer, full-stack developer and entrepreneur.
Specialising in web applications and usability.

21 MivaScript projects

PictureSync Website for Verse

Seperate site with service-provider/affiliate specific branding and downloads via referrer or argument.


  • Ability to serve a ready-to-use service-provider specific download, hiding the other supported providers from the user.
2007 — Design, Web, APISummary ↙︎
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Social Networking Site for Indivibe

Design and build a nightlife events publishing and social networking site with regional versions.


  • Photo upload with user, location and event galleries
  • Location and user profiles with public and private messaging
  • Friending with reciprical relationship indication ('strength')
  • Simple colour-coordinated navigation
  • Options to feature/hilight photos and sponsored events/locations
  • Watermarked photos
2006 — Development, Web, SocialSummary ↙︎
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Folio Concept for Verse

Product concept, branding and website for professionally-oriented photo portfolio service.


  • SaaS with SSL on MivaScript
  • Flexible CSS boxes with custom edge and corner frames
  • Research on hosting latencies for optimal single-location US deployment across metro areas


2005 — Design, Web, PhotoSummary ↙︎
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Customer Satisfaction Survey for Romec


  • User authentication and registration with assignment of multiple surveys
  • Data capture forms in multiple parts with user-specific variations
  • Dynamic reporting (employing logical filters), and Excel-compatable export",
  • innovations = "Modular storage and analysis code base, - extensible, reusable and configurable (via plain text file)
  • Recursive analysis (comparison between results)
2004 — Layout, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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Website for Verse

Mac software publisher


  • Combined version tracking and licence verification protocol (between webserver and desktop application), with an entirely web-based activation procedure (transparent licence key) [see the blog]


  • Purchasing integration with PayPal
  • Software licence generation and activation
  • Software version tracking and usage reporting
2004 — Design, Web, APISummary ↙︎
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Website for Esofaber

Site for furniture and interiors firm.

2004 — Design, Web, Summary ↙︎
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Works Access Authorisation for DigiPlex

Migrate a paper-based business process management system to the web.


  • Fully integrated system with multiple views (manager, reception, contractor) providing process filing and review mechanisms (with per-report activity log)
  • Document upload facility
  • User registration and authentication
  • Multiple languages",
  • innovations = "Streamlined the original paper-based process by elminating duplicated data, employing cross-referencing and implementing a status based approval process.
2004 — Architecture, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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Continuity Management System for DigiPlex

Online best-practice incident reporting procedure automation for a datacentre.


  • Forms guiding a user through the incident reporting process, including providing multiple points of contact according to availability
  • Backend databases and administration for locations, contacts (multiple internal and external roles, with individual calendar-based availability and regional holidays)
  • Backend reporting for incidents by location with highest severity identification
  • Email notifications with normal and priority addresses (for SMS)
  • User authentication with anonymous 'SOS' login
  • Multi-language support
2002 — Development, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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Website for Information Facilities Management

Upgrade UK industry portal from basic HTML to a dynamic CMS with subscription-based access.


  • Integrated support within the CMS and layouts for topicis, related links and other metadata, enabling extensive cross-referencing between content areas.
  • Login authentication system preventing simultaneous use of accounts and providing usage statistics for identifcation of potential abuse.
  • Winner of multiple Business Services Association awards


  • Migration to dyanmic architecture
  • Implementation of subscription-based access (user and group based)
  • Card payment authorisation system (via gateway)
  • News and features CMS (with enhanced metadata support)
  • Incorporation and adaption of banner system (off the shelf Perl)


2001 — Architecture, Web, E-commerceSummary ↙︎
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Website for CBX / Sulzer Infra FM / Axima FM

Upgrade of site for service provider.


  • Dynamic content selection with fallbacks for overlapping country/language static content employing dynamic URLs and a metadata store
  • Publishing of short video editorials
  • Visitor survey (bespoke aquisition with off the shelf desktop analysis)
  • Automatic what's new feature using the metadata store


  • Heirachical structure for 100+ pages with multiple regions and languages
  • Press area including image gallery, PDF clippings and video editorials
  • Callback request facility
  • Registration-only articles
  • Video
2001 — Design, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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Website for Aspect Education

Redevelop consumer site for international education provider.


  • enrollment forms and cost calculator for courses and locations (200+ combinations with 7,000 dates and further options)
  • CMS with multi-region and language capabilities, for page content, plus news and jobs
  • Course finder (narrows choices through a multi-stage questionaire)
  • Co-branded version for affiliates (distinct logo and contact details)
  • Messaged board
2001 — Architecture, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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Website for UniqueYou

Consumer relationship support site with extensive articles.


  • Highlighting of new content and comments only since last visit
  • Online payment aquisition for offline processing using (secured) email


  • Heirachical CMS with multiple content types
  • User authentication with guest, member and subscriber access
  • Card payment aquisition system
  • User comments system (per article)
2001 — Architecture, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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E-Tendering for CBX / Sulzer Infra FM / Axima FM

Auction system for online tendering.


  • CMS for users and auctions
  • Options for unlisted auctions and anonymous bidding
  • Basic auction system with listing, bid history, and place bid function
  • Map UI for direct access to pre-defined regional auctions
2000 — Architecture, Web, E-commerceSummary ↙︎
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Online Delivery for Building Economics Bureau

Site for data publishing agency with subscription-based access to retreive datasets online.


  • generation of repetitive array-processing code during database updates for execution at runtime (providing improved performance)


  • Subscriptions module (usage and time based) for the (seperately developed) WebShop system
  • Backend database import/upload with automated dyanamic ToC-code generation (from hand-formatted Excel export)
  • Browsing of multiple distinct databases via static/dynamic ToC (depending on database structure) and data record page
2000 — Architecture, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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Website for Student Watchout

Insurance sales site targetted at students.


  • Second-place in the Computer Weekly e-Business Awards 2001


  • Uses the seperately developed Webshop system
  • Affiliate tracking and backroom reports
2000 — Design, Web, E-commerceSummary ↙︎
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Website for Summit Support Services

Site for service provider


  • Dyanmic template loading static pages
  • Pasword protected pages for access to standard documents (extranet)
2000 — Design, Web, Summary ↙︎
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WebShop System for Enigma

Comprehensive modular E-Commerce framework for deployment in various client sites.


  • Whilst having similar functionality to Miva Merchant v2 (current at the time of development) this bespoke solution provided extensive options for custom integration. See the other E-commerce projects on here for some specific deployments.


  • Shopping basket and wish-list supporting custom price calculators with multiple input variables
  • Discounts (static and dynamic, from codes or links)
  • Subscriptions (time and useage based)
  • Affiliate tracking
  • User accounts with multiple addresses per-user
  • Product-specific supplementary requirements
  • Distinct order and payment statuses
  • Product availability restrictions (with potential for stock keeping)
2000 — Development, Web, E-commerceSummary ↙︎
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E-Card for CBX / Sulzer Infra FM / Axima FM

Dispatch system for employees to email Christmas cards.


  • Form to customise card display and select from several company brands, and option to select a charity to make a donation to (per sender)
  • HTML email dispatch with server-side copy in case of viewing problems
  • Logging of senders and recipients
1999 — Architecture, Web, SocialSummary ↙︎
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Executive Schedule for CBX / Sulzer Infra FM / Axima FM

Concept system for personnel coordination.


  • Multi user calendar with event input
  • User authentication and privileges",
  • innovations = "Per-user key-based access to features (e.g. viewing, editing of specific calendars and events)
1999 — Architecture, Web, CalendarSummary ↙︎
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Website for ASHTAV

Site for UK association.


  • Multiframe navigation with javascript reload
  • Member database with profile editor
1999 — Design, Web, Summary ↙︎
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Website for British Institute of Facilities Management

Stakeholder site for UK industry organisation with 16k users.


  • User authentication and profiles
  • Backend database import and update routines (from MS Access export)
  • Member directory (categorised browsing)
  • Business directory (search and browse, with selective positioning)
  • Staff directory (multiple group memberships)
  • Message board (simple threading and archiving, with email notifications)
  • Job listings (with agency-specific CMS access)
  • Administration functions for all CMS/databases (with ACLs)
  • Document storage/fileshare employing WebDAV upload (with ACLs) and per-user public folders
  • Document library (categorised browsing)
  • Transparent loading of external content (news feed and externally generated pages) into templates
1999 — Architecture, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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