Jacob Jay

Peripatetic British designer, full-stack developer and entrepreneur.
Specialising in web applications and usability.

2 Mobile projects

B2B Rental Marketplace for HSS

Bring an existing business and its processes online and up-to-date using a marketplace mediating with third-party suppliers.


  • Multiple pricing and comission models to support both owned assets and third-party assets
  • Per-class (category, product or variant) cascading inherited attributes, with ancestor and descendant overrides providing a variety of ways to control how suppliers add new items and values
  • Mediated messaging, with client-supplier messaging relayed through an operator
  • Supplier auctioning with deferred (countdown) booking assignments in cases of unknown availability
  • Collection options using geolocation
  • Flexible delivery class calculations assignable per-category and postcode
  • Geographical search ranking availability of items with delivery constraints
  • Ability for an operator to easily swap their CMS view to that of a supplier (delegate authentication) when handling operations by telephone


  • Categorised product (and variant) listings with search
  • Bespoke CMS handling categories, products and their variants with dynamic attributes
  • Booking functionality (not calendared)
  • CMS and API for suppliers
  • Mobile app with push notifications and messaging for suppliers and customers
  • Multi-device and multi-role authentication and notification settings
2014 — Architecture, Web, E-commerceSummary ↙︎
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API Gateway for Pixelpipe

An API gateway server accepting media uploads from clients using a wide variety of supported APIs, and re-broadcast them to well over 50 different service providers.


  • Deferred batching to accept multiple uploads over a configurable timeframe, and then re-broadcast them together as an album or single blog post after no more items had arrived (instead of individually upon arrival).
  • Utilisation of special 'routing' tags, allowing uploaded media to be dispatched to specific accounts or groups of accounts simply using a tag, thus avoiding the need for specific client routing UI, and instead using a client's native tagging UI.


  • Prioritised image processing queue with service provider connection constraints
  • Service provider error aggregation and reporting to quicly idenitfy and prioritise API issue resolution with destination service providers
  • Support for multitudinous client upload APIs including metaweblog and Flickr, which with DNS spoofing enabled official clients to be used with the server
  • Bespoke upload applications and Plug-ins including iPhone, Aperture, Windows Live Gallery and integration with Nokia share
  • Support for hosting uploads directly on the service, including views for user streams, albums and individual photos
2008 — Management, Server, PhotoSummary ↙︎
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