Jacob Jay

Peripatetic British designer, full-stack developer and entrepreneur.
Specialising in web applications and usability.

1 project for Hub House

Scouting and plans 2019

Identify and evaluate properties for operation with a cooperative coliving model.

Types: Community, Real Estate, Web; Roles: Space Planning, Scouting, Conception; Functions:




Employed a comprehensive process to identify and refine potential properties from initial evaluation, cadastral searches, through preliminary floor plans and conversion/fitout costs for a final proposition finishing with visits involving community members, and local officials.

See the reports on properties below for more details including floorplans. The database of properties includes many without reports due to being lower matches, yet still having potential such as, #137 (southern France), #104 (UK), #108 (Portugal), #114 (central France), and many others…

The project is ongoing but may be re-oriented with less community/impact for a more commercial venture proposition.