Jacob Jay

Peripatetic British designer, full-stack developer and entrepreneur.
Specialising in web applications and usability.

Pastimes include mountain biking and scoffing smelly cheese.
Passionate about identity, resilience and the ‘slow’ philosophy.

«What do you do?»

I apply multidisciplinary intents to product and process, wherever opportunity or introspection strikes. I mainly work with online projects, yet have experience extending from conceptualisation through to marketing, on varied projects as diverse as interior design and web-service APIs.

I predominantly offer software/application architecture consulting and independent development team execution (resourcing, training, management, support). I may however consult on and review discrete facets such as UX, API specifications and optimisations (yep, I like blazing fast pages).

I am also active in the development of hospitality spaces that foster communities, ideas and their associated lifestyles — particularly coliving hubs and mixed-use models that support entrepreneurship.

Sectors that I am focussed upon are: e-Commerce / Marketplaces; Publishing / Identity; Decoration / Interiors / Fashion; Hospitality / Intentional Communities / Real Estate; Distributed Computing / SaaS.

Active projects

Nothing—pitch me!

Side projects

Prior projects

Latent projects are listed at the bottom of my bio.


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