Jacob Jay

Peripatetic British full-stack developer, designer and entrepreneur.
Specialising in web applications and usability.

I'm on board…

…as a hands-on project architect with 15+ years expertise across a wide range of projects and startups, many entirely implemented myself yet also when required leading teams, ensuring attention to needs directly from concept through to support.

As a designer as well as programmer I can cover all angles, from performance through usability to security. Detail-oriented yet also taking a high-level view to understand context.

I undertake both ad-hoc/freelance consulting, or project lifecycle management on contract i.e. as a ‘CTO for hire’. In particular I can handle not only recruitment and training for both nearshoring or offshoring, but can fast-track candidates such that I am not required longer-term unless retained as an advisor. I can nonetheless function as the sole fullstack developer on especially budget-conscious projects should I be suitably intriuged ;)


I'm particularly interested in

What I'm not

both should be assessed by reconsidering business processes and information architecture before adopting them



I am agnostic towards specific stacks and with suitable resources will evaluate options for best fit, otherwise will utilise my own solutions or those more closely aligned. Regardless of stack or resources, I always dig-in to solve problems and attack complexities, adapting to the capabilities of a team. I admire the Reactive Manifesto, but realise that sometimes a monolith is more expedient.


If you're interested in talking, please first check my availability and interest in your project by introducing it to me: jacob@moonmill.com.

I'm highly flexible on terms for socent, startups or advisory positions on aligned projects and for projects in my realms of interest. I generally prefer to work upon at least a nominal retainer so we have something that enables us to engage and build a relationship, however ad-hoc/hourly works if your needs are clear.