Jacob Jay

Peripatetic British full-stack developer, designer and entrepreneur.
Specialising in web applications and usability.

1 project for Pixelpipe

API Gateway 2008

An API gateway server accepting media uploads from clients using a wide variety of supported APIs, and re-broadcast them to well over 50 different service providers.

Types: Server, Web, Mobile; Roles: Management, Layout, Architecture, Support; Functions: Photo, API, Content Management; Tools: Java, Email, ImageMagick, Eclipse, SVN, AWS, jQuery.




A proof-of-concept demo was built upon my MediaSock Client Framework in ASP.NET. I worked on most aspects of this project engaged part-time for the first release of the service, predominantly focussed on management of the development team in Delhi and specification of the architecture. Whilst I revewied my team's contributions to the Java codebase I did not work on this much myself. I did HTML layout and UI for both the web and mobiles sites, including the workflow for adding and mangaing services.