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Carcassone apartment 2017

Locate and renovate a property.

Types: Real Estate; Roles: Interior Design, Space Planning, Scouting, Renovation; Functions: Living Space;



Originally intended for my own use however I acquired it with a view to resale value, selling it a little over double its initial cost in a not quite finished state.

I identified the town as having potential as being the second most visited tourist location in France. With a mainline rail connection to Barcelona and Ryanair hub, yet many cheap rundown buildings due to tourism being almost exclusively focused in the old town's medieval fort. The new town mainly comprises historic 1600s buldings, whose values appreciated following major works on many of the public spaces that had been planned prior to my purchase.

I purchased this 3-bed 120m2 apartment, whose prior use was a dentist's office, in a building having an impressive stone staircase with few other apartments. It was unmanaged thus presented risk for attempting to rectify common issues such as the roof, so I collaborated with a neighbour to convoke and form a new syndical organisation to manage it which we ran together for several years.

I replanned the layout removing walls and creating one ensuite master bedroom, plus a second bedroom and bathroom with a large living room and adjoining kitchen, all fronted by huge windows. The fitout included new plumbing (incorporating a new connection to a neighbour) and partially rewired electrics, with wall finishes in lime.

Regrettably the new owners didn't appreciate the light switches and sockets immediately pairing them with some additional cheap white plastic ones. Lesson learned—don't overinvest in specifications! The new owners did however finish the renovation and sold it on two years later at 140k (a further gain, but negligable).