Jacob Jay

Peripatetic British designer, full-stack developer and entrepreneur.
Specialising in web applications and usability.

2 Excel projects

Customer Satisfaction Survey for Romec


  • User authentication and registration with assignment of multiple surveys
  • Data capture forms in multiple parts with user-specific variations
  • Dynamic reporting (employing logical filters), and Excel-compatable export",
  • innovations = "Modular storage and analysis code base, - extensible, reusable and configurable (via plain text file)
  • Recursive analysis (comparison between results)
2004 — Layout, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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Online Delivery for Building Economics Bureau

Site for data publishing agency with subscription-based access to retreive datasets online.


  • generation of repetitive array-processing code during database updates for execution at runtime (providing improved performance)


  • Subscriptions module (usage and time based) for the (seperately developed) WebShop system
  • Backend database import/upload with automated dyanamic ToC-code generation (from hand-formatted Excel export)
  • Browsing of multiple distinct databases via static/dynamic ToC (depending on database structure) and data record page
2000 — Architecture, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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