Jacob Jay

Peripatetic British designer, full-stack developer and entrepreneur.
Specialising in web applications and usability.

10 E-commerce projects

Startup Weekend—Fashion for Souk in the City

Pitch for a MENA-focussed fashion marketplace during a startup event.


  • The website mockups focus on a content rich magazine-style layout that brings products to the fore in an entertaining manner rarely used on ecomerce sites, it also provided thematic views. (This approach was originally concecived for my own marketplace platform.)
  • The logo was quickly prototyped to convey the diversity and colourfulness of the region, whilst being grounded in modernity with a lighweight clean typeface.
  • A slidedeck was produced, communicating the business case and opportunities for such a startup.
2014 — Design, Brand, E-commerceSummary ↙︎
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Popup Event for Warp aur Weft

2014 — Design, Community, SocialSummary ↙︎
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B2B Rental Marketplace for HSS

Bring an existing business and its processes online and up-to-date using a marketplace mediating with third-party suppliers.


  • Multiple pricing and comission models to support both owned assets and third-party assets
  • Per-class (category, product or variant) cascading inherited attributes, with ancestor and descendant overrides providing a variety of ways to control how suppliers add new items and values
  • Mediated messaging, with client-supplier messaging relayed through an operator
  • Supplier auctioning with deferred (countdown) booking assignments in cases of unknown availability
  • Collection options using geolocation
  • Flexible delivery class calculations assignable per-category and postcode
  • Geographical search ranking availability of items with delivery constraints
  • Ability for an operator to easily swap their CMS view to that of a supplier (delegate authentication) when handling operations by telephone


  • Categorised product (and variant) listings with search
  • Bespoke CMS handling categories, products and their variants with dynamic attributes
  • Booking functionality (not calendared)
  • CMS and API for suppliers
  • Mobile app with push notifications and messaging for suppliers and customers
  • Multi-device and multi-role authentication and notification settings
2014 — Architecture, Web, E-commerceSummary ↙︎
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Product Website for Esofaber

Site to promote and sell a specific product line.


  • Bespoke image slider handling multiple content parts (image, title, subtitle, price, inset image) and integrated as the core compoent of the page layout
  • Image slider waits for the next slide's image to finish loading before progressing to that slide (a common issue on slower connections with every other slider implementation)
  • Shows the name of the next item in the slider


  • Responsive design (adapts to screen size and orientation such as for tablets)
  • Feature products in the front page slider simply with tagging
  • Automatic slider with manual controls
  • Web fonts (to match the product aesthetic)
  • Localised prices and shipping notices
  • All the Moonstalk Kit optimisations (e.g. typographic prices and async JavaScript loading


2011 — Design, Web, E-commerceSummary ↙︎
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Marketplace for Verse

SaaS platform for small independant retailers, with a focus on curation and provenance, including product blogs and stock-control.


  • Customisable magazine style multi-product 'display' layouts, using an impactful large format image tagged with the products, with their data (price, links) automatically populated.
  • Uncluttered single product layouts with clear call to actions and availability.
2009 — Design, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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Website for Information Facilities Management

Upgrade UK industry portal from basic HTML to a dynamic CMS with subscription-based access.


  • Integrated support within the CMS and layouts for topicis, related links and other metadata, enabling extensive cross-referencing between content areas.
  • Login authentication system preventing simultaneous use of accounts and providing usage statistics for identifcation of potential abuse.
  • Winner of multiple Business Services Association awards


  • Migration to dyanmic architecture
  • Implementation of subscription-based access (user and group based)
  • Card payment authorisation system (via gateway)
  • News and features CMS (with enhanced metadata support)
  • Incorporation and adaption of banner system (off the shelf Perl)


2001 — Architecture, Web, E-commerceSummary ↙︎
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E-Tendering for CBX / Sulzer Infra FM / Axima FM

Auction system for online tendering.


  • CMS for users and auctions
  • Options for unlisted auctions and anonymous bidding
  • Basic auction system with listing, bid history, and place bid function
  • Map UI for direct access to pre-defined regional auctions
2000 — Architecture, Web, E-commerceSummary ↙︎
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Online Delivery for Building Economics Bureau

Site for data publishing agency with subscription-based access to retreive datasets online.


  • generation of repetitive array-processing code during database updates for execution at runtime (providing improved performance)


  • Subscriptions module (usage and time based) for the (seperately developed) WebShop system
  • Backend database import/upload with automated dyanamic ToC-code generation (from hand-formatted Excel export)
  • Browsing of multiple distinct databases via static/dynamic ToC (depending on database structure) and data record page
2000 — Architecture, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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Website for Student Watchout

Insurance sales site targetted at students.


  • Second-place in the Computer Weekly e-Business Awards 2001


  • Uses the seperately developed Webshop system
  • Affiliate tracking and backroom reports
2000 — Design, Web, E-commerceSummary ↙︎
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WebShop System for Enigma

Comprehensive modular E-Commerce framework for deployment in various client sites.


  • Whilst having similar functionality to Miva Merchant v2 (current at the time of development) this bespoke solution provided extensive options for custom integration. See the other E-commerce projects on here for some specific deployments.


  • Shopping basket and wish-list supporting custom price calculators with multiple input variables
  • Discounts (static and dynamic, from codes or links)
  • Subscriptions (time and useage based)
  • Affiliate tracking
  • User accounts with multiple addresses per-user
  • Product-specific supplementary requirements
  • Distinct order and payment statuses
  • Product availability restrictions (with potential for stock keeping)
2000 — Development, Web, E-commerceSummary ↙︎
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