Jacob Jay

Peripatetic British designer, full-stack developer and entrepreneur.
Specialising in web applications and usability.

4 Calendar projects

Website for Moonlighting

Manage new member registrations, room bookings and accounts for a combined coworking and accommodation provider.
Social Calendar


  • Disucssion list emails are handled through a bespoke system that appends a member's presence status and profile to their messages, and also rejects posts from expired members or on lists for which they don't have priveleges, thus removing the usual requirement of additional disucssion list adminstration.
  • Automatic checkin using MAC address detection on the LAN when a member connects.


  • Member directory and CRM
  • Checkin system to indicate daily member presence
  • Per-resource (e.g. bedroom) availability calendar
  • Member accounts and bookings
  • Meal booking and payment
  • Staff task views (e.g. to see when rooms are being vacated, and how many meals must be prepared)
  • Email and web discussions for members and staff


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Continuity Management System for DigiPlex

Online best-practice incident reporting procedure automation for a datacentre.


  • Forms guiding a user through the incident reporting process, including providing multiple points of contact according to availability
  • Backend databases and administration for locations, contacts (multiple internal and external roles, with individual calendar-based availability and regional holidays)
  • Backend reporting for incidents by location with highest severity identification
  • Email notifications with normal and priority addresses (for SMS)
  • User authentication with anonymous 'SOS' login
  • Multi-language support
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Website for Aspect Education

Redevelop consumer site for international education provider.


  • enrollment forms and cost calculator for courses and locations (200+ combinations with 7,000 dates and further options)
  • CMS with multi-region and language capabilities, for page content, plus news and jobs
  • Course finder (narrows choices through a multi-stage questionaire)
  • Co-branded version for affiliates (distinct logo and contact details)
  • Messaged board
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Executive Schedule for CBX / Sulzer Infra FM / Axima FM

Concept system for personnel coordination.


  • Multi user calendar with event input
  • User authentication and privileges",
  • innovations = "Per-user key-based access to features (e.g. viewing, editing of specific calendars and events)
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