Jacob Jay

Peripatetic British full-stack developer, designer and entrepreneur.
Specialising in web applications and usability.

10 Social projects

Popup Event for Warp aur Weft

2014 — Design, Community, SocialSummary ↙︎
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Website for Moonlighting

Manage new member registrations, room bookings and accounts for a combined coworking and accommodation provider.
Social Calendar


  • Disucssion list emails are handled through a bespoke system that appends a member's presence status and profile to their messages, and also rejects posts from expired members or on lists for which they don't have priveleges, thus removing the usual requirement of additional disucssion list adminstration.
  • Automatic checkin using MAC address detection on the LAN when a member connects.


  • Member directory and CRM
  • Checkin system to indicate daily member presence
  • Per-resource (e.g. bedroom) availability calendar
  • Member accounts and bookings
  • Meal booking and payment
  • Staff task views (e.g. to see when rooms are being vacated, and how many meals must be prepared)
  • Email and web discussions for members and staff


2011 — Conception, Web, SocialSummary ↙︎
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Delhi for Moonlighting

Establish a house in Delhi with facilities for both coworking and accommodation.


  • First coworking space in Delhi, and one of first few in India.
  • First open-access space offering both coworking and accommodation for those visiting from further afield.
  • Bespoke furniture constructions including large-span communal tables using wood with internal (hidden) iron dowels


  • Regular community events and meals
  • 8 en-suite bedrooms amd 1 bunkroom (convertible between 4 bunks, or 1 double)
  • Live-in cook and 2 kitchens
  • Cleaning, housekeeping and security staff
  • Mixed-use lobby, lounge and dining space with A/V system
  • Coworking desks (and monitors)
  • Colourful paint and fabrics to enliven the otherwise drab interior


2010 — Space Planning, Community, HospitalitySummary ↙︎
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Social Networking Site for Indivibe

Design and build a nightlife events publishing and social networking site with regional versions.


  • Photo upload with user, location and event galleries
  • Location and user profiles with public and private messaging
  • Friending with reciprical relationship indication ('strength')
  • Simple colour-coordinated navigation
  • Options to feature/hilight photos and sponsored events/locations
  • Watermarked photos
2006 — Development, Web, SocialSummary ↙︎
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Website for Information Facilities Management

Upgrade UK industry portal from basic HTML to a dynamic CMS with subscription-based access.


  • Integrated support within the CMS and layouts for topicis, related links and other metadata, enabling extensive cross-referencing between content areas.
  • Login authentication system preventing simultaneous use of accounts and providing usage statistics for identifcation of potential abuse.
  • Winner of multiple Business Services Association awards


  • Migration to dyanmic architecture
  • Implementation of subscription-based access (user and group based)
  • Card payment authorisation system (via gateway)
  • News and features CMS (with enhanced metadata support)
  • Incorporation and adaption of banner system (off the shelf Perl)


2001 — Architecture, Web, E-commerceSummary ↙︎
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Website for Aspect Education

Redevelop consumer site for international education provider.


  • enrollment forms and cost calculator for courses and locations (200+ combinations with 7,000 dates and further options)
  • CMS with multi-region and language capabilities, for page content, plus news and jobs
  • Course finder (narrows choices through a multi-stage questionaire)
  • Co-branded version for affiliates (distinct logo and contact details)
  • Messaged board
2001 — Architecture, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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Website for UniqueYou

Consumer relationship support site with extensive articles.


  • Highlighting of new content and comments only since last visit
  • Online payment aquisition for offline processing using (secured) email


  • Heirachical CMS with multiple content types
  • User authentication with guest, member and subscriber access
  • Card payment aquisition system
  • User comments system (per article)
2001 — Architecture, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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E-Card for CBX / Sulzer Infra FM / Axima FM

Dispatch system for employees to email Christmas cards.


  • Form to customise card display and select from several company brands, and option to select a charity to make a donation to (per sender)
  • HTML email dispatch with server-side copy in case of viewing problems
  • Logging of senders and recipients
1999 — Architecture, Web, SocialSummary ↙︎
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Website for British Institute of Facilities Management

Stakeholder site for UK industry organisation with 16k users.


  • User authentication and profiles
  • Backend database import and update routines (from MS Access export)
  • Member directory (categorised browsing)
  • Business directory (search and browse, with selective positioning)
  • Staff directory (multiple group memberships)
  • Message board (simple threading and archiving, with email notifications)
  • Job listings (with agency-specific CMS access)
  • Administration functions for all CMS/databases (with ACLs)
  • Document storage/fileshare employing WebDAV upload (with ACLs) and per-user public folders
  • Document library (categorised browsing)
  • Transparent loading of external content (news feed and externally generated pages) into templates
1999 — Architecture, Web, Content ManagementSummary ↙︎
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Intranet for CBX / Sulzer Infra FM / Axima FM

Improve the usability and presentation across an intranet uniformally, following a rebranding of the company.


  • Use of tabbed-UI and javascript popup menus to maximise functional real estate whilst providing two-click access to almost all areas of the system.
  • Color coding of tabs and areas for ease of identification (in an earlier implementation).
1999 — Design, Web, SocialSummary ↙︎
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